About John

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John was born and raised in the Scottish town of Greenock, a major port and former shipbuilding powerhouse, West of Glasgow on the river Clyde.

The streets of its harbour ran aflame with streams of burning whisky when
the German's bombed its bonded warehouses in 1941. Bad call, Hermann…..what were you thinking of? If anything's
going to get the Scottish population's gander up, that would be it! John's paternal grandparents came from the
little village of Ederney in Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland not far from an area in Co.Tyrone once designated
as "Munterlunny", which can be loosely translated as "Lunnyland" - obviously an early Hibernian theme-park.
His Mum's side were all Jacobite-rebel MacLachlans and MacLeans tracing their ancestry back to the Western
Highlands and Islands. That fusion of Irish and Scots Gaels produced in him and his two brothers what John
describes as the classic "Turbo-Celt".

In 1982, at the legendary Oktoberfest in Munich, John met his now wife, Debbie from Warrnambool in Victoria,
and the rest is, as they say, history. That Hofbrauhaus has a lot to answer for! As well as his passion for the
Whisky Workshop product, John is separately recognised as one of Australia's leading practitioners in workplace
relations law.